The Science Behind Our Sustainable Composting: An Insight into the Johnson-Sue Method

The Science Behind Our Sustainable Composting: An Insight into the Johnson-Sue Method

The Science Behind Sustainable Composting: An Insight into the Johnson-Sue Method

Composting, at its core, is more than just piling up organic waste and waiting for it to break down; for us, it's a meticulous science. We've honed a unique process that ensures not only rapid decomposition but also a rich, balanced end-product that benefits the soil in more ways than one.


Enter the Johnson-Sue Pallet Bioreactors

One of the innovative tools in their arsenal is the Johnson-Sue pallet bioreactor. Movable and efficient, these bioreactors offer a dynamic approach to composting. Instead of being static, they can be shifted around, optimizing space and ensuring a more even breakdown of the materials inside.


The Magic of Mature Compost Inoculation

But what truly sets their composting process apart is the inoculation technique they employ. Midway through the composting process, they introduce their mature Johnson-Sue compost, which has a unique characteristic: it's dominated by fungi.


Why is this significant?

Fungi play a pivotal role in soil health. They form mycorrhizal associations with plants, aiding in nutrient uptake and enhancing soil structure. By inoculating their compost with a fungally dominated mix, our facility ensures that the new compost batch benefits from accelerated microbial activity and, importantly, a balanced fungal-bacterial ratio.


Seeding New Beginnings

The beauty of this compost doesn't end in the bioreactor. When spread or sprayed onto fields or newly developed areas with trees, this compost acts as a seed, introducing beneficial fungi to the soil. This not only aids in the rapid establishment of plants but also promotes long-term soil health and sustainability.

The science of composting is a testament to the importance of understanding and leveraging microbial life. By adopting innovative methods like the Johnson-Sue bioreactors and harnessing the power of mature, fungally dominated compost, we're setting new standards in sustainable agriculture and urban landscaping.
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