Compost Colorado vs Dirt Cheap Compost: which is best for home pickups?

Dirt Cheap Compost vs. Compost Colorado

Alright, let's talk about the elephant in the room.

It's an odd pet to have, and you shouldn't keep elephants cooped up like that. It's cruel.

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about Dirt Cheap Compost (DCC), and how we stack up to the largest compost pickup service in the state, Compost Colorado (CC). For those considering home composting, we understand that you're probably doing some comparison shopping, so hopefully this helps you make your decision!

Categories we're going to compare:

  1. Services
  2. Reviews
  3. Customer Care
  4. Cost


Compost Colorado and Dirt Cheap Compost both provide:

  • 5-gallon sealable compost bin.
    • Theirs is black, ours is white and yellow for style points.
  • Weekly curbside pickups for your food waste.
    • DCC win: we will come to your door if you forget to put it at the edge of your driveway, but we hear reports that CC won't pick up your bin if it's not curbside. (Even if it's only a few feet away on the front porch!)
  • Ability to skip weeks when out of town / pickup is not needed.

Dirt Cheap Compost only provides:

  • First 25 compost bags for free.
    • This is about 2 months worth of compost bags for the average customer. We want to get you started smoothly, so we drop off your first set of bags along with your bin, on the house! As far as we know, we're the only service in town that provides this running start for our members.

Compost Colorado only provides:

  • Dropoff boxes.
    • If you don't need curbside pickup and have the time to drop off your compost every week at a drop box location, CC has a $260/year option ($5/week) that is slightly more affordable than our $299/year annual pickup membership. Presently, we do not have drop-boxes and only do curbside pickups.
  • A bag of finished compost at the end of the year for your own garden. (We actually think this is pretty cool and would love to add it one day at no cost for our members who desire it!)


DCC boasts a perfect 5-star review score on both our website and Google Reviews.

CC has a 4.4 review score on Google, and no review section on their website. Nobody's perfect! (Except us, of course.)

Customer Care

Email us at and see how fast we get back to you. Or text or call us at 720-727-2354. See how fast we answer. Go ahead. We dare you.


We finally made it to the main event.

Compost Colorado: advertised at just $10/week... or differently stated, $520/year.

Dirt Cheap Compost: $29/month, or only $299/year with an annual membership. Or, $221 saved every. single. year. vs Compost Colorado.

In short, DCC is designed to be the lowest-cost, no-nonsense, locally run pickup service in your area. We don't do this for the money; we do it for the love of the game (not that a habitable Earth is a game, but you get what we mean).

"And what about Scraps," you ask? Well, aside from being 10% more expensive than DCC at $32/month, the rest of the information above stacks up pretty well for them too. If you're looking for the most affordable pickup service and live in the Arvada, Wheat Ridge, or Lakewood areas, you've found it!

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