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Weekly Home Compost Pickup Service

Weekly Home Compost Pickup Service

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Holiday Special: first month only $9! Discount applied at checkout.

For just $19/month, we will send a team member to your front door to pick up your weekly compost bags.

  1. Order a monthly membership for just $19, or an annual membership for only $199 ($16.58/month)!
  2. We will email you to set your pickup day (usually Wednesday).
  3. Within a week, we will drop off your free wide-mouth, odor-locking, sealable, animal-proof, durable bin, plus one month's worth of compostable kitchen bags.
  4. Fill your bags with your kitchen scraps during the week, tie them up when full, and place them in your bin outside your door.
  5. We'll swing by and empty your bin on the same day each week, and will contact you if we need to reschedule any pickups (e.g., due to inclement weather).

That's it! Sign up today to reduce your greenhouse emissions from food waste by more than 50% for less than the cost of Netflix.

Questions? Email and we'll get back to you freaky fast.

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